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Jim Drew, born 1965 is an exceptional engineer and full time genius, with an impressive history of making revolutionary inventions - many of which are patented. Too many, in fact, to list here - instead some pointers are given for your reading pleasure.

(Narrator: The above statement is SARCASM. That's how Jim likes to see himself as. The reality is ... somewhat different, as we shall show)

The purpose of this site is to warn the known universe against giving Jim Drew any money. He has a Jobs-level reality distortion field, and a number of groupies that follow him from industry to industry to attack anyone who dares call Drew a charlatan. Here, an attempt is made to dispel the bullshit.

This site was originally put together by an anonymous customer of Jim's that lost a fair amount of money to his shenanigans. I've adopted it per the license at the bottom of the page, and am in the process of validating old links and adding new ones.

Please send corrections/updates/sightings/rants to me. Note to Jim: legal threats will be ignored; all of these links are public and this site isn't within the jurisdiction of any of your virtual lawyers in any case.

A Description of Jim Drew

(borrowed from automags.org)

Jim Drew has been around in various forms over the years. However, he was infamous around these parts for unrelenting chest-thumping, stroking of his own ego, and a lot of smoke-and-mirrors explanations.

Essentially, he and his company, WAS, produced boards and code for assorted paintball devices. Ironically, these actually worked rather well. The problem was that, in most peoples opinion, he was not content in just having something that worked well, and selling it straight, on realistic merits alone. Instead, people felt that he, having described his company as consisting of the rocket-scientists of paintball, would resort to all sorts of muddy claims, hyperbole, and exaggerations or the technology, and methodology behind his goods, such as advanced AI algorithms that would completely eliminate dropped shots with predictive analysis, super-fast processing, advanced queuing, personality tests, SkyNet uplinks, and The Farmers Almanac.

What made people even more irate toward him is that, instead of breaking everything down and explaining his reasoning for making such claims, he would resort to anecdotes about how he was a kid-genius who graduated college at 16, designed hardware for Steve Jobs, and didnt need the money anyway, so he didnt need to explain anything. That is, he didnt need to explain, because he was the greatest and smartest, so you wouldnt, and didnt need to understand, anyways.

Again, his stuff worked, sometimes better than the other offerings, but it wasnt as magically delicious as the descriptions would lead you to believe. Now that I think of it, there was also some controversy about his de-bounce methods, and how they were described as some super-awesome safety method, while actually providing a very easy way to dial in excessive amounts of bounce, and runaway.

Some of his transgressions included:

  • Claiming he was the first one to use a HES sensor in paint ball - not Tom Kaye.
  • Claiming he was the first to ever use a HES for a trigger system (ala Al Gore style) - not the US Navy which had patented it.
  • Claiming that the original Timmy had "shootdown" that his board fixed. The funny thing was that I'd posted (online) computer chrono strings showing no shootdown with the classic Timmy with OEM board (they were posted to show the performance of the Palmer reg) months before the Equalizer came out. The shootdown was a lie to hype the Equalizer out of the gate as something timmy owners didnt just want but needed. I believe he targeted the Timmy first due to it's huge popularity at the time.
  • That he had programmed "advanced AI" into his turborev board - which had a processor simply incapable of what he claimed. (Debunked by Miscue and others)
  • Messing up the AKA Equalizer board which led to shootdown when it was used in guns that did not show shootdown with other boards. Then launching a huge smear campign against AKA when they came out with a hack to actually make the defective boards work.
  • Always riding Bob Longs nuts every time someone started hammering on him. Bob Long this and Bob Long that and if you dont believe me go ask Bob, etc Bob eventually got sick of the charlatan and dumped him like a sack of potatoes. Evidently Bob and Jim werent near as close as Jim liked to brag about over on PBN.
  • Claimed to have patented advanced loader technology that was going to lead to him releasing a loader unlike all others. He spent MONTHS hyping the loader online - nothing ever materialized. (This was not the only example of "vaporware" he spent weeks or months hyping to not ever be seen.)
  • There is a number of other instances, too numerous to mention. He was a liar, who often used double speak, half truths and backtracking to constantly change his story - leading to his infamous coercive deletion of his "over 3000" posts on PBN. Evidently, time and again people were quoting his BS back to him and it was getting to messy for him so he deleted his electronic record.

    Jim's Lies About His Background

    Jim can be contacted via email at FrontierNet (as of 22 February 2008)
    Jim's eBay store is here.
    Jim's Twitter feed is here. (Narrator: please note it is associated with XTreme Power Systems and has been inactive since 2011)
    Jim's Facebook page is here.

    (2012) Jim Drew 2012 Interview
    (2008) Jim Drew Interview
    (2007) Jim Drew 2007 Interview - This interview was conducted by Nate Lawson and included questions submitted by Pete Rittwage and Wolfgang Moser.
    (1996) Jim Drew Speaks
    (1993) Jim Drew 1993 Interview ("Delphi Conference")

    Commodore 64 / Amiga

    (1983-1985) CBM educational/support representative for Oregon

    Products in this time period:

    (1985-1986) Megasoft

    PO Box 1080 Battle Ground, WA 98604
    1-800-541-1541, (206) 687-5205, BBS (206) 687-5XXX

    Products in this time period:

    Quotes by/about Jim:

    Utilities Unlimited International (UUI, 1985-1996)

    "I [...] moved to Arizona 15 years ago." (=1992) "In August of 1995 Utilities Unlimited International went bankrupt." [ emaculation] "UU, Inc. closed its door on August 26th, 1996." According to Jim Drew, ShapeShifter put it out of business.
     Utilities Unlimited, Inc. 1641 McCulloch Blvd., Suite 25-124 Lake
    Havasu City, AZ  86403 USA Telephone: (602) 680-9XXX BBS: (602) 453-9XXX
    E-mail: jdrew@cryo.rain.com 

    Amiga Hardware Manufacturer ID: 0x087B

    WANTED: the original uu_news.txt, once posted on usenet

    Quotes by/about Jim:

    products [BBoAH]

    "the Mac II (rip off of Supercard. Ami II) was very famous as being the first time an Amiga company from the U.S. filed a lawsuit against a company in the U.K. I do not know the legal outcome for the members of the company (what criminal penalties they received), but we successfully shut the company down and recovered all of their inventory, which was not much by that time." [source ]


    Persistence Software

    "UK-based Blittersoft will be handling world-wide distribution of all Persistence Software products, as well as helping in their technical support. Persistence Software is based at an unstated site in the US, but is unrelated to the California-based company of the same name.." (Amiga Computing Magazine Issue 106)

    Microcode Solutions (1996-2002) [emaculation]

    "Microcode Solutions is the undisputed leader in emulation technology" [...] "I welcome you to check out our web site, download our demo versions, and see for yourself why Microcode Solutions will always be the leader in emulation technology."

    (Narrator: Jim has instructed the Internet Archive to *not* archive microcode-solutions.com)
     http://www.microcode-solutions.com [nslookup] Microcode Solutions 1799 Kiowa Blvd. #107-670 Lake
    Havasu City, AZ 86403 tech@microcode-solutions.com



    Wicked Air Sports (WAS, 2001-2009)

    "Wicked Air Sportz is the premiere developer and supplier for OEM and aftermarket paintball electronics." [...] "Wicked Air Sportz makes the fastest electronics and coding in the world...period! We openly challenge any manufacturer to compare the results of their inferior 'C' written code to our highly optimized hand written assembly code. There is simply no comparison."

    interesting snapshot of the website from archive.org is here
     http://www.wickedairsportz.com [
    nslookup] Wicked Air Sportz 3269 Maricopa Ave. Ste. 114-511 Lake
    Havasu City, AZ 86406 sales@wickedairsportz.com tech@wickedairsportz.com
    "Wicked Air Sportz started as a hobby for retired entrepreneur Jim Drew in May of 2001." [...]


    RC Planes

    Xtreme Power Systems (XPS, 2006-present)

    "Xtreme Power Systems is the premiere developer of UAV, UAS, ROV, and radio control electronic systems" [...] "The assembly and testing are done in accordance with MIL-Spec. Each run of boards is x-rayed and checked via high power microscopes. Only MIL-Spec parts are used, which guarantees operation of the electronics in temperatures ranging from -40C to 150C degrees."


    XPS' own forum is here.

    XPS RF Technology Division is here.

     xtremepowersystems.net [nslookup]
    divbee.net [nslookup]
    Xtreme Power Systems 2440 N. Kiowa Blvd. Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
    sales@xtremepowersystems.net tech@xtremepowersystems.net 
    actual Trademarks: DivBee, Xtremelink

    Commodore 64 / Amiga (Again!)

    www.cbmstuff.com (2013-present)

    "Jim Drew, the original creator of most all of the Megasoft and Utilities Unlimited products is back at it again, developing new and exciting products for the Commodore 64/128 and Amiga computers." (cbmstuff)

      www.cbmstuff.com [
      nslookup] 2440 Kiowa Blvd. N. #102 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 USA
      fax: +1, 928-854-3661 mailto: sales@cbmstuff.com 


    retrobackup.com (2014-present)

     ftp://retrobackup.com [

    rovsystems.com [whois] [ nslookup] but NOT rovsystems.net ?
    Trademark Search at uspto.gov: "Megasoft" (couple hits) "Utilities Unlimited" (no hits) "Persistence Software" (couple hits, none seems to apply, unsure: 1803652 2106538 2386074 2762632) "Microcode Solutions" (no hits) "Xtreme Power Systems" (2 hits: "DIVBEE", "XTREMELINK") "Bringing Back the Retro In You!" (no hit)   Patent Search at uspto.gov: "Megasoft" (no hits) "Utilities Unlimited" (no hits) "Persistence Software" (couple hits, related to the CA company of the same name) "Microcode Solutions" (3 hits, but none applies to Jim Drew or his companies) "Xtreme Power Systems" (no hits)
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